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Jessica A clarke

Jessica and Al are truly an unrivaled pairing, as one will come to find out. Neither started in the industry they’re currently operating in, with Jessica having a lifelong career in beauty and cosmetology. Jessica opened her first salon at 23 years old. Currently set up in the JW Marriott in Marco Island, her salon has introduced her to people from all over the state and all over the world.

She brings over twenty years of business acumen and experience to the table, having opened and sold multiple salons in her time. In her youth, she knew she wanted to enter into cosmetology, and had always looked up to her father and his expertise. While not a cosmetologist himself, Jessica’s father has led a very successful business venture since before she was born. He was the perfect role model to set her on her entrepreneurial path.

Anywhere from four to fourteen people have worked for Jessica at any given time in her salons, not including subcontractors and other contingent workers. Her career has had its ups and downs, and Jessica has seen employees of hers come and go, leave to start their own businesses, or outright leave the industry for other pursuits. The biggest challenge for her has been seeing her former employees turned salon owners not as competition, but as cooperative opportunities. Jessica’s fiery spirit and competitive attitude initially clouded her into thinking she now had to compete with someone she invested time and knowledge into. It didn’t take long for her to shift to watching them with pride and admiration, as it was her mentorship and guidance that enabled her past employees to be as successful as they were.

Jessica has been a powerful force in her industry, and she brings that knowledge and expertise to the Go team and DataSetGo. Jessica’s leadership and ruthless pursuit of greatness have poised the team for success, this year and many years to come.

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